Typical Outcomes

Typical Montessori Outcomes

What will the Montessori Method and The Montessori School mean for my child?

Our program is designed to foster a deep love and excitement for learning–and it works! How effective is the Montessori Method? See what grade level our graduating 5th year students are testing at compared with national averages*:


Comparing The Montessori School science  testing scores with the national average


Comparing The Montessori School math testing scores with the national average


Comparing The Montessori School reading testing scores with the national average


What are the characteristics of a graduate of The Montessori School? 

  • Confidence: Our students are confident because they have first-hand information. The Montessori method encourages youth to grow through self-motivation, independent thinking, and taking on big challenges. As a result, graduates are lifelong explorers and more self-sufficient.
  • Strong self-esteem: TMS graduates have a comfortable sense of who they are from the different learning structure here. Through the encouragement to inquire and explore, they learn about themselves as well as the world around them.
  • The ability to think critically: Rather than being told, our students explore and ask questions. With this strategy, students are nurtured to think independently and be more resourceful while learning.

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