News of the new bilingual program at The Montessori School’s Richland campus is now public! We shared this exciting news with our school community a few days ago and are now officially sharing the news with the Kalamazoo and Richland communities at large as well.

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The Montessori School to Offer Bilingual Program at Richland Campus

RICHLAND – Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, The Montessori School will offer bilingual education at its Richland campus. All students in the campus’ preschool and kindergarten program will participate in English and Spanish instruction every day.

Two Spanish Speaking Guides will work alongside the campus’ two main teachers to provide individualized Montessori lessons in both languages. Children will continue to receive the same amount of lessons as the previous English only program, but will now have the benefit of receiving the Montessori lessons in Spanish as well, reinforcing the curriculum and bilingual elements of the program.

Head of School Ann Pilzner said, “We are thrilled to offer the bilingual program at our Richland campus. We are lucky to have Teresa Cavanagh and Lee Sanchez as our Spanish Speaking Guides. Each of these educators has experience teaching at our school, in the Montessori tradition, and in a Spanish-speaking classroom.

“The ability to offer a Montessori education in a bilingual format is really exciting for our school community and a great way to continue our school’s growth,” Pilzner said. “We’ve announced a lot of changes in 2018, including the addition of the sixth-year program and the expansion of our Kalamazoo campus.”

In addition to the preschool, kindergarten, and childcare programs at its Richland campus, The Montessori School also offers preschool, kindergarten, elementary, and childcare programs at its Kalamazoo campus.

Enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year is underway. Campus tours and classroom visits are available by request.

To learn more about the gifts The Montessori School has to offer children and its growing program offerings, please visit, connect with the school on Facebook, or call (269) 349-3248.

Ann Pilzner is the Head of School at The Montessori School. She taught at a traditional school in Detroit for two years before falling in love with the Montessori concept while searching for a preschool for her first child. Pilzner went on to become a teacher at a Montessori school and later an administrator before joining The Montessori School in 2016.