Sustainability is inherent in the Montessori approach to education.  Our approach is whole systems thinking based on the relationship between the living and non-living worlds.  The emphasis on values, paired with action underlies the forming of our children as stewards of the earth.  At our school, this emphasis is reinforced by everyday practices.

In our classrooms, we study environmental science and put this knowledge into practice through repeated use and recycling of classroom materials.  Composting, recycling, dishes, cloth napkins and cleaning cloths reduce our impact on the earth.  “Children have an anxious concern for living beings, and the satisfaction of this instinct fills them with delight.  It is therefore easy to interest them in taking care of plants and especially of animals.  Nothing awakens foresight in a small child such as this.  When he knows that animals have need of him, that little plants will dry up if he does not water them, he binds together with a new thread of love for today’s passing moments with those of the morrow.” (Dr. Maria Montessori)

The concept of respect for self, others and the environment guides the Montessori method.

We recognize the importance of aligning our values as a business to those espoused in our classrooms.  We develop our outdoor environments to promote an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and to provide opportunities for its study and care.  We create habitats for native species of plants, birds, bugs and bees.  We grow food. Whenever possible, we use bio-safe cleaning products and natural methods of pest control.  We recycle paper, plastic, glass, batteries and retired equipment/materials.  We compost food waste.  We are committed to energy conservation.  With more efficient lighting, better insulation, windows, and programable thermostats, we have managed to reduce our energy consumption by almost 30%.

As a community, we are committed to ecological literacy and sustainable practices.  We recognize the limits of natural resources and are mindful of the interconnectedness of life.   We seek to promote and employ practices that reflect a concern and respect for the natural world. To that end, we welcome your support and participation.

Susan Atkinson serves as The Montessori School’s Business Manager. Susan joined the school in 1988. She earned a master’s degree in business administration from Western Michigan University and has more than 30 years’ experience in business management/school operations.