From Our Community

We were so fortunate to have found the Montessori school 3 years ago. I didn’t know much about Montessori teaching but I liked the quiet environment and the before and after child care.

Three years later we have a daughter that has excelled in reading (reading at a 3rd grade level and entering 1st grade), confident in speaking to adults and children in a respectful manner, and independence without being condescending to others. Our youngest child enters Montessori Richland next month and I am confident in the school’s ability to instill a love of learning and purposeful play. Can’t wait till school starts.

Brittany Lutz

Current Parent, Facebook

I work here and I will definitely enroll my child when he is old enough. TMS has amazing staff that cares deeply about each and every child in their class.

Megan Salvano-Gunter

Current Employee, Facebook

I have a friend whose son has attended this school for 4 years. He is now 7 years old and I find him to be a very polite and well behaved child. I cut his hair and I am always amazed by his level of self control. His mom attributes much of his maturity to the guidance he gets at school. I’ve never been to the school, but if this young man is representative of the school then it must be a pretty amazing place.

Brenda Strole

Community Member, Facebook

Great school, personalized learning and character building!!

Sydney Parfet

Former Parent, Facebook

Our daughter Amelia is entering her second year at the Richland Campus of The Montessori School. She loved her first year there (2014-2015), quietly absorbing new things every day. As with most kids it was very difficult to extract her daily school activities out of her, but we soon noticed how easily she took on new challenges and applied school lessons (activities) to situations she ran across at home. Even at times advising us on “This is how we do it at Montessori.”

It is┬ávery difficult to put into words what a wonderful learning environment The Montessori School Provides. Observing a classroom at work is quite the treat. Small groups of kids helping each other, moving about the ‘classroom’ free to choose any activity or lesson they have been exposed to by their teacher. There is a quiet but strong energy that comes from the kids while working, just amazing. I really can’t envision a better School to introduce our daughter that learning can be fun and cool.

Benjamin Huelsbergen

Former Parent, Facebook

As I just dropped my daughter at college to start her freshman year, the memories of our wonderful Montessori years came flooding back. What an incredible foundation they were for Julia – to build her confidence, curiosity for life and friendships that have lasted through time. So grateful!

Kim Bosseler Miller

Former Parent, Facebook

The Montessori Experience: A Parent’s Perspective

As part of a student podcast competition through NPR, our sixth-year students created a podcast where they interviewed parents on their experience with The Montessori School; the philosophy, the culture and the education.