From Our Community

My family is so grateful to TMS for providing the seemingly impossible: an enriching, engaging, safe school where each child is celebrated, heard, and challenged to reach their greatest academic and personal potential.

Claire A.
Parent of a Current Elementary Student

Our ADHD son was constantly getting in trouble for not being able to sit quietly at his desk for long periods of time in public school. We started Montessori for 3rd grade because we were concerned about safety in a public school setting during the pandemic. The Montessori School was a perfect fit for him. HeĀ  comes home happy, tired, and excited about going back the next day. I also appreciate that they have taken great lengths to keep the kids and teachers safe throughout the pandemic, following science-backed recommendations. The flexibility of a Montessori education has been a game changer for our son. We wish we knew about Montessori sooner.

Nick and Julie B.
Parent of a Curren Elementary Student

Montessori has been one of the best decisions our family has ever made. From the minute we enrolled our two kids, our experience has been second to none and we couldn’t be happier.

Steve A.
Parent of Current Primary Students

We value the hands-on, individualized education that the program offers our daughter while fostering independence and autonomy in a community that is safe, compassionate, and respectful. We are committed to Montessori for long term education as we feel no other educational model compares.

Sara N.
Parent of a Current Primary Student

The Montessori School was our choice even before moving to Kalamazoo in June 2020. We moved in the middle of the pandemic and were a bit skeptical about sending our 3 year old anywhere. Once we talked to the Head of the school and met the teachers, we felt at ease and comfortable. The school has taken such good care of the kids during this time. Their stringent sanitation and social distancing protocol has been great and we feel lucky to be part of the community that the school has created. We are very happy how our little one has developed a deep bond with friends and love for the teachers. The philosophy of Maria Montessori is what we admire and to see how our little one enjoys every single lesson based on her curriculum, is a joy. We would recommend TMS to anyone who wants to send their kids in a safe, creative and loving environment.

Erik W.
Parent of a Current Primary Student

As I just dropped my daughter at college to start her freshman year, the memories of our wonderful Montessori years came flooding back. What an incredible foundation they were for Julia – to build her confidence, curiosity for life and friendships that have lasted through time. So grateful!

Kim Bosseler Miller

Former Parent, Facebook

The Montessori Experience: A Parent’s Perspective

As part of a student podcast competition through NPR, our sixth-year students created a podcast where they interviewed parents on their experience with The Montessori School; the philosophy, the culture and the education.