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Special Events

The Montessori School events


Please join The Montessori School team for the following events.

Getting Your Child Ready for Montessori prepares your child to enter the Montessori classroom and provides parents with helpful hints about how to adapt the home environment to complement their educational experience and allow the child more independence.

Parent Information Nights take place before the start of school for new families. This orientation session will answer many of your questions and prepare parents for the routines of the classroom.

Journey and Discovery is a wonderful two-day event that allows parents to experience Montessori as their child does. Parents are guided through the Montessori environment and allowed to actively engage with lessons and materials as they explore the classrooms from Primary through Upper Elementary.

Family Open Houses are held each year for each classroom. These events provide an opportunity for students to show off their progress, for families to get to know one another, and for informal conversation with the staff of each classroom.

Mini Montessori is a playdate for toddlers and parents alike. This FREE and open-to-the-public program is for our 18 month – 2 year, 9 month community: babies to toddlers, moms and dads, all are welcome! No registration is needed. Please contact us for the current-year schedule.

Oktoberfest and Montessori Night are special social events for school community that also serve as our school’s major fundraisers. These events are planned by parent volunteers and are a great way to have fun with other families at the School. If you would like to get involved, please email us!

Our End of Year Festival is a fun-filled event with live music, games, and food. It has become a treasured event in our community, and is a fabulous way to celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer.

Questions? Contact us.