Sixth-Year Internship

The Montessori School’s curriculum includes a sixth-year internship experience.

  • Offered exclusively at our Kalamazoo Campus
  • Students select three internships per year
  • Each internship will last approximately three months
  • September-November, January-March, and April-June
  • Students attend internships once per week


These internships provide students with the opportunity to continue their education outside of the classroom in a safe, controlled environment.

Students choose from internships in the areas of plants, animals, animals, people, social programs, manufacturing, science, technology, education, business, farming, culinary arts, and internal opportunities at The Montessori School.

In addition to developing students emotionally, socially, and academically for the middle school experience, The Montessori School’s sixth-year Internship teaches independence.

Current Internship Placements

Previous Internship Placements

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