Montessori Programs

At The Montessori School, we have three levels of academic programs as well as unique programmatic enhancements for your child.

Preschool  –  Offered five days per week, our preschool programs offer our youngest students an enhanced academic introduction to many different concepts through the use of the Montessori Method and materials. View our various preschool options and hours, along with tuition rates, here.

Kindergarten –  Offered five days per week, from 8:30am-3pm, this extension of the Primary program builds upon the concepts introduced during students’ first two years in the preschool program. The transition to the Extended Day program usually takes place during the traditional Kindergarten year. 

All-Year Montessori – Preschool and Kindergarten program offered five days per week, 12 months per year. 7:30am-6pm. Two trained lead guides, as well as credentialed assistants, staff the room ensuring that a trained guide will be with these children at all times. Transitions will be eliminated as students will stay with the staff and their peers through the morning work-cycle, lunch, recess, nap (if needed), and the afternoon work-cycle.

Elementary  –  Offered five days a week from 8:15am-3pm, these classrooms maintain a 1:14 adult-to-student ratio and are designed for students ages 6 to 12. Students explore advanced topics in a wide range of subjects while utilizing Montessori materials, an outdoor classroom, and peer collaboration. An all-day option to include childcare is available as well. See Elementary program options and hours, along with tuition rates, here.