Head’s Welcome

As you walk through the classrooms at The Montessori School, you cannot help but be inspired. You will hear the children enthusiastically share new discoveries, watch them take care of each other and their learning environments with respect and pride, and witness how their engagement with the activities and materials in the classroom reflect skills that ensure success in our 21st century world. Nothing can bring the virtues of Montessori philosophy to life better than a visit to one of our classrooms.

The mission at The Montessori School is to provide high-quality, comprehensive education that fosters a child’s love of learning and addresses the whole child academically, emotionally, and socially. On a daily basis the children demonstrate critical thinking, perseverance, collaboration, innovation, cultural competency, leadership, and real life problem solving. They gain not only a strong academic foundation, but also develop socially, emotionally, and ethically, all of which enable them to take on life’s challenges with confidence.

The programs at The Montessori School are firmly grounded in the principles that are carried out through the expertise and guidance of highly trained, credentialed teachers. Children ages 3 to 12 years old benefit immensely from these adults, who educate, nurture, and cultivate the intrinsic curiosity within each of them. While the words “child centered” are commonplace in school mission statements, at The Montessori School this foundational element is grounded in historical roots of more than 100 years of Montessori tradition that today is being recognized as a model for educational success.

Since 1972 The Montessori School has been committed to providing all the right elements for an excellent learning environment: talented, nurturing, and well-trained teachers, carefully prepared environments with beautiful materials for exploration and hands-on learning, and a vibrant community of parents and children. We are proud of our strong foundation and where we’ve come from and are looking forward with excitement and energy to where we are going.

We are excited to share our school community with you and your family; a visit will surely captivate and inspire your curiosity. We hope to have the opportunity to learn about your family and your child and to assist you with the choices you are making. Please come witness for yourself the gifts that The Montessori School has to offer.

Kind regards,

Sherria VanSparrentak
Head of School