Extended Day Kindergarten

At The Montessori School, Kindergarten is referred to as Extended Day, and is a continuation of the preschool program into the afternoon.

  • Offered at our Richland and Kalamazoo campuses
  • Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm
  • Before- and after-school care available
  • 9-month and 12-month programs
  • Usually takes place during the traditional Kindergarten year (age 5 going on 6)

Instead of their school day ending at noon with the other Preschool children, Kindergarten students continue to work with teachers until 3pm. During this time, the children build upon the activities of the morning and undertake projects and field trips that are typically too challenging for our youngest Primary students.

Admission to the Kindergarten program is based on the child’s development, not on chronological age. We evaluate the child’s ability to work successfully without a nap. This usually occurs when they are between 4 and 5 years old, and often happens mid-year as a child demonstrates the developmental milestones that indicate readiness.

Kindergarten students stay in the same room with the same teacher and children, and take on the leadership role in the Primary classroom community. This continuity is developmentally appropriate and beneficial to the child’s sense of security and well-being. Only the Kindergarten students are in our Preschool classrooms in the afternoon. Younger children are either napping or have gone home for the day. This opportunity for focused, small-group attention provides the perfect bridge to the elementary education.

Kindergarten, like all Montessori programs, emphasizes active rather than passive learning. Children learn by actively participating in their environment, mastering many skills, and experiencing hands-on learning during this time. Like other Preschool students, Kindergarten students participate in music, language, and cultural study, outdoor time, and other enrichment activities.

Watch this short video to better understand why the Montessori Kindergarten year is so important:

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