Frequently Asked Questions


What age can my child begin?

Our primary program begins at 2 years 9 months. We offer programming for children from age 2 years 9 months to 12-years-old.


What are your hours?

We are open on weekdays 7:30 am-6 pm. These hours include program hours and before- and after-school childcare. For a full list of program hours, please visit our Program Overview page.


How much does attending The Montessori School cost?

Tuition costs vary based on which program your child is enrolled in. Please note, also, that some tuition rates include childcare while others do not, again differentiated by program. View all tuition rates and fees on our Tuition Overview page.


Is there a sibling discount?

While we do not offer a sibling discount on tuition, there is a discount applied to the enrollment fees for each additional sibling.


What are the main differences between Montessori and a traditional school?

Unlike a traditional school where instruction is given simultaneously to all the children in the classroom, lessons in a Montessori classroom are given individually or in small groups and tailored to each child’s developmental needs. The curriculum is built around developmental stages and each child’s unique interests, not based on grade level. Work in a Montessori classroom is all hands-on using specially designed materials and focuses on building a concrete understanding of foundational concepts. Check out our 30-second Montessori elevator pitch or one of our favorite videos that further explain the Montessori philosophy to learn more.


How do I apply?

You can download or complete our application digitally on our Admissions Process & Forms page. A link to pay the $50 application fee by card or PayPal can be found on that page as well. 


Can my child visit the school?

At the primary level (ages 3-6), children are welcome to attend one of our open house events. Open houses are regularly scheduled throughout the school year. To see the dates and times of any upcoming open houses, please visit our calendar or Facebook page.

For families interested in our elementary program (ages 6-12) whose child is not currently part of our primary program, a day visit can be arranged. Day visits are limited to one visit per student and are arranged at the discretion of the elementary staff and with the approval of the Head of School. Please complete an inquiry form if you are interested in arranging a day visit for your elementary-aged student.

We do offer tours of our campus. Tours, however, are reserved for adults only. Please submit a tour request if you’d be interested in arranging a tour.


Do you have an infant or toddler program?

No, at this time we do not offer programming for infants or toddlers. Under our current Michigan Child Care License, we cannot enroll any students under the age of 2 years 9 months.


What is your policy on potty training?

We do require children to be potty trained to be enrolled in our programs. This means that children must be wearing regular underwear and have no to very few accidents week-to-week. Our staff can assist in the bathroom as needed, so children do not need to be perfect in all aspects of using the restroom.

The only exception to the no diaper policy is pull-ups during nap time provided your child is able to change in and out of their pull-up independently.

We hold a potty training seminar each summer. Please check our calendar or Facebook page for more details.


Do you have any 2-, 3-, or 4-day programs?

No, all of our programs are 5 days a week.

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Elementary has been focused on recognizing MLK all week! "This week, we focused on voting rights since it was the request of the King family to instead of celebrate, legislate. So we took that as - educate. We covered a brief history of voting rights in the US and read the book Equality Calls: The Story of Voting Rights in America by Deborah Diesen. We also read Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport. We were introduced to Civil rights leader and US congressman John Lewis and his mantra “get in good trouble, necessary trouble...”. The students talked about standing up for one another - even if it's challenging. We read the book Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights by Rob Sanders. We also began reading Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges. A biography of Amanda Gorman and her book Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem were previewed and added to our collection, as well as a kids book about racism by Jelani Memory. We are having ongoing conversations about not only the history of the civil rights movement but the work that still needs to be done today. Service work continues with artwork and letters for Crosstown residents, community food drive, neighborhood trash pick up, and the making of waterproof pet beds out of plastic grocery bags and fleece scarves and blankets." ... See MoreSee Less
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