Recently we put out a call to current families, alumni, and friends of TMS to donate a tree in support of our brand new Elementary building that will be opening this fall. Our hope is to build a beautiful, lively outdoor environment for our students and also to treat our earth with kindness. We were overwhelmed by the immediate response. But more than anything, we were touched by the story — the roots, the heart — that was behind our first donation.

To get our landscaping donations started, 3 beautiful maple trees have been donated in recognition of the incredible love that Richard and Milly Bell have for their only grandson, Jay Hamric.  Richard and Milly are both currently living in memory care in Wisconsin, but nothing would make them happier to know that they have made this donation, as they both had a true love of the outdoors and beautiful trees.  Richard and Milly both were extremely happy that Jay has had the opportunity to start his education at The Montessori School.  It was their belief that education should be individualized and every child should be able to have a Montessori education.

As our school continues to grow, so will these trees alongside it. New generations of students and families will come and go from TMS as they always have, but the legacy of love and stewardship that Richard and Milly have so generously gifted us will remain for many years to come.