2019 Capital Campaign

With a growing waiting list in our Kalamazoo campus and the inability to enroll all of the families on our existing waiting list, we have been pursuing ideas to grow our program.

The perfect solution arose last summer when the law firm next door (710 Howard) went up for sale. After touring the building, it became clear that this was the ideal place to move our elementary program. This move will free up two classrooms in our current Kalamazoo building.


Adding to the space purchased by TMS, the generous partners of Crosstown Parkway Apartments, who own/manage the senior living community northeast of our existing building, intend to donate the plot of land and pond between our current and new buildings pending their lender’s approval.

New FacilityNow that you know what we’ve been working on, here’s the exciting part! The new elementary building will open in the Fall of 2019. It is currently being used as a law firm as we are currently renting the space to the past owners. The building will need extensive renovations to make it a beautiful Montessori space. These renovations will start in December 2018.

Our Elementary Guides, Jocelyn and Anne, are thrilled with a new concept for elementary – one larger room, an outdoor classroom space, a library, and a kitchen inside the classroom. The land donated by Crosstown Parkway Partnership will house a greenhouse and will give us access to the pond.

This is an amazing opportunity to not only teach more hands-on science lessons but to also work collaboratively with the senior community in the Crosstown Parkway Apartments. A student/senior collaboration would offer so many benefits both to our children and the senior residents!

Full Campus Site PlanThis plan also benefits our current Kalamazoo building because we will finally have more room! A new All Year Montessori classroom will open in one of the existing elementary classrooms in the Fall of 2019. We will add spots for 20 new students for the 2019-20 school year, and an additional 10 in the 2020-21 school year.

We are also improving the grounds on both properties as well as the land between the properties to give the feel of one, unified campus. Our current playground will get a new entrance area, new fencing, and updated landscaping. Primary children will have the opportunity to utilize the greenhouse and library as well as creating their own partnerships with the senior community.

Many of our staff, current families, board members, and alumni have dreamt about these possibilities for years; it is wonderful to watch our ideas transform into reality! We have already raised $125,000 for this project but need your support. An additional $25,000 is needed to make this project possible. Click the link above to find out how you can help! We will keep you updated as progress is made and opportunities to support this project arise.