Bilingual Program

The Montessori School offers a bilingual program for children in preschool through the traditional kindergarten year.

  • Offered exclusively at our Richland Campus
  • All lessons are taught in both English and Spanish
  • Monday through Friday, morning and full-day options available
  • Before- and after-school care available

The Montessori School’s bilingual curriculum provides lessons in both English and Spanish to preschool and kindergarten students ages 3 through 6.

Lee Sanchez, our Spanish-speaking lead guide, and Iris Ortiz, our Spanish-speaking assistant, work alongside the campus’ English-speaking guide and assistants to repeat typical Montessori lessons in Spanish. Both Sanchez and Ortiz are fluent in Spanish.

Rather than a Spanish class where students learn how to speak the language in one brief period, children will receive the Montessori lessons in both Spanish and English throughout the day. This approach reinforces both the curriculum and language skills at the same time.