“The education of even a small child does not aim at preparing them for school but for life”

-Maria Montessori


If you’ve ever observed, or even been in a Montessori environment, you’ve probably realized that it is different from any other education. A Montessori education teaches us more than just academics it teaches us leadership, time management, and social skills.

I have been attending The Montessori School since I was in primary and I am just about to be going to Middle school. I am glad that I have been learning in a Montessori environment so I can go into my next school with confidence that I have the skills I need to succeed in my next school. I can thank Montessori for that.

Recently a few of my classmates and I made a podcast (which you can listen to here) about how a Montessori education goes beyond academics. We interviewed several people in our community about the topic and we all learned so much from the interviews. Many people that we interviewed felt that receiving a Montessori education helped children find out things that they are passionate about, and that in a Montessori environment they were able to explore the subject they are passionate about freely. We also heard that in a Montessori environment children don’t only learn regular school subjects, but they also have other responsibilities like cooking a hot lunch for the class and cleaning the environment.

This year my classmates and I were also able to participate in our schools new sixth-year internship program. During this I was able to help once a week at two different local companies. During these internships, I learned so much. Not only did I learn things about the job I was interning for, but I learned social skills as well. This is another way that a Montessori education goes beyond academics.

When I volunteered to write this blog post, I was very excited to support Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy that an education should teach more than academics to the students. The TMS Staff also follows this style of education every time they are teaching and that’s how this school has taught me so much more than just academics.

Kate Risley joined the TMS family in 2010, beginning with our preschool program. She has attended, alongside her older brother, Zach, since the age of three. Her friends describe her as helpful, caring and creative. Outside of school she is active in theatre and is currently preparing for a play she will be participating in this summer. We wish Kate the best of luck as she moves on to middle school within Kalamazoo Public Schools this coming fall.